Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a quickie...

This will be a short post. I haven't written anything since October but I have a good excuse. On November first I underwent surgery for a total (left) knee replacement and have since been undergoing rehab. Those of you who have taken that elective procedure  (what a friend called "a  self-inflicted wound") know that the operation and hospitalization are the easy part.. it's the weeks and even months of rehab that try the soul. I am one month out and things are going pretty well. But if there is any test for the old saw "patience is a virtue" this is it.

I am writing for two reasons. First is to be true to my inner pledge, taken when I started this website in April 2011 to post monthly. Here I am  just under the wire for November 2013.

Secondly is to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, with the hope that the "weather event" wasn't too disruptive. We are expecting 10 for may end up being less. I know we all have much to be thankful for. True to the purpose of this site, I want to offer thanks for all those people - paid  and unpaid - who work for, or contribute to, nonprofits. They - you -- mean so much to the health of this sector, which in turn, makes up a  critical part of the fabric of  the  nation. I know some of you who toil in the nonprofit vineyard may not agree with the health description above, given the vicissitudes of the financial environment. Nevertheless despite all  the challenges, nonprofits press on doing wonderful work.! Thank you for that.

More substance in December. Gobble,gobble.